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Concrete Work Structural Steel Scarborough

Concrete Services
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Structural concrete applications require specialized knowledge and experience. These skills go beyond the obvious capabilities of not just simply  pouring a concrete slab. DeMan Construction has been providing concrete structural construction services for more than 63 years. So, from the pre-construction design of your project, we’ll work with you and your other suppliers to get the job done right.

Concrete work is an important portion of virtually every full building construction project. Sometimes the whole project literally is all about the concrete. In other cases, the concrete needs to fill a specialty role within a larger construction project. Our extensive experience with concrete projects makes us recognized in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as concrete specialists in several specialty areas.

It’s no secret that DeMan Construction has been performing concrete services since our inception back in 1955. We are considered the eminent concrete expert in our field.

In the big game, DeMan Construction has gained a special skill set and an experience level that has helped set us apart from other contractors. We have extensive knowledge in heavy structural foundations and press pit construction, including hydro forming and stamping pits. We can complete all your large and small concrete projects on time and on budget.

Structural Steel Services – DeMan Construction can erect all types of steel buildings from simple low-rise frames to high rise structures, light commercial buildings to heavy industrial. We have experience in all types of joint connections whether they are field welded moment joints, all bolted or a combination of both. We can perform our own surveying and we monitor the structure during erection to maintain tolerances. Our field bolting and welding is all done to accepted codes and good practice. Construction execution sequencing is closely coordinated with the G.C. to optimize scheduling requirements defined in the pre-construction phase. Safe work procedures are strictly adhered to by our crews to ensure a trouble-free job.

Located in the City of Mississauga at 776 Dundas Street East, DeMan Construction Corp is a design-build and General Contracting company that serves clients throughout Southern Ontario. With over 63 years of experience, DeMan Construction has completed projects for many businesses. Since its inception, the company has been involved in the design and construction of many successful commercial projects. DeMan Construction maintains a full-time staff of approximately 50 commercial construction experts to execute multiple concurrent contracts on time and on budget.

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