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DeMan History

A Construction Business Deeply Rooted in Family History

DeMan Construction has been a family-centric business, right from the very beginning. Brothers Bas and Lee DeMan began working in their father's construction business in Holland during the 1940s. They came to Canada in 1953 with dreams of starting their own construction empire.


In 1955, Bas and Lee DeMan established the Mississauga-based contracting business and called it DeMan Construction. Over six decades and three generations later, the company remains family owned and operated. Currently, company ownership is shared between two partners: Bas DeMan's son Garry, and Lee DeMan's son Peter. Now a new generation of builders has joined the family business with the original owners’ grandchildren recently finishing their education and joining the company. DeMan Construction has operated from the same location at 776 Dundas Street East since it began in 1964. While a lot has changed over the past 60 years, the company’s dedication to hard work and satisfied customers remains the top priority.


When you want Mississauga construction with a personal touch, owners Garry and Peter DeMan personally oversee every project, ensuring that work is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Each brother has on-site job experience, allowing them to offer a unique perspective on job proposals and allowing them to suggest delivery methods that save clients time and money.


DeMan’s owners are backed by a devoted team of experienced professionals including project managers, in-house architectural designers, estimators, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, concrete finishers, cabinet-makers, structural steel experts, dry wall installers, painters, bricklayers, tile-setters, gas fitters and construction workers. Many of these individuals are long-time employees of DeMan, some for over 20 years.


The owners' hands-on approach and their wealth of in-field experience have created a one of a kind environment where employees thrive, and clients return again and again for help with future projects.

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I'm Located in the City of Mississauga at 776 Dundas Street East, DeMan Construction Corp is a design-build and General Contracting company that serves clients throughout Southern Ontario. With over 63 years of experience, DeMan Construction has completed projects for many businesses. Since its inception, the company has been involved in the design and construction of many successful commercial projects. DeMan Construction maintains a full-time staff of approximately 50 commercial construction experts to execute multiple concurrent contracts on time and on budget.

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