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Industrial Loading Docks Etobicoke

Industrial Loading Docks Etobicoke Facilities
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In today’s world, keeping up with changes in industry standards, you are challenged with keeping your loading dock design current and up-to-date. DeMan Construction knows Transportation companies who rely on having an existing system in place going forward, will need to find more cost-effective and versatile dock solutions that work with current equipment to maximize the return of the original investment.

Poor loading dock design can result in:

·         Slower traffic flow and congestion problems at your facility – which costs money

·         Leave gaping holes in your building around the loading dock doors that impact your building’s energy performance and interfere with employee productivity, safety and comfort. – which costs more money


DeMan is the expert and understands your facility and process needs is critical to design versatile solutions for your loading docks that leverage your productivity by good truck maneuvering and designing efficient loading dock equipment that seals around building openings therefore enhancing the efficiencies of your heating and cooling systems. All of our expertise results in cutting costs and gaining efficiencies for your business.

Loadig Bay Doors Contruction With All Elemants

Dock doors form an important gateway at the loading dock. Insulation and automation according to specific needs help minimize energy loss, ensure efficient workflow and secure warehouses, logistics centers or production plants

Dock Bay Shelters

Loadhouses are integrated systems that form a complete loading platform. A loadhouse is an energy-efficient solution, incorporating all the relevant components for a complete loading dock unit; leveler, shelter and door

Dock Leveler Bridges the gap to ensure smooth and safe transfer of goods between Vehicle and Loading Dock

The dock leveler bridges the gap to ensure smooth and safe transfer of goods between vehicle and loading dock. Manual dock plates and automatic levelers to suit your facility can accommodate different types of vehicles and other equipment.

Loadhouses are integrated systems that form a complete loading platform

Located in the City of Mississauga at 776 Dundas Street East, DeMan Construction Corp is a design-build and General Contracting company that serves clients throughout Southern Ontario. With over 63 years of experience, DeMan Construction has completed projects for many businesses. Since its inception, the company has been involved in the design and construction of many successful commercial projects. DeMan Construction maintains a full-time staff of approximately 50 commercial construction experts to execute multiple concurrent contracts on time and on budget.

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